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This rundown and ransacked circus is needing a fresh set of gruesome freaks to drum up business. Can you shut the circus down and escape before the psychotic ring leader carves you up and casts the spotlight on his newest "Freaks"?

  • Escape room
  • IRL
  • 4-12
  • 60 mins



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Deadline Escape Rooms

7111 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89511, USA

+1 775 447 7460

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Experience the largest room we have to offer where audience seating and extra puzzles are introduced if your team is larger than 8 players! This is Deadline's premium escape room experience that lets large teams explore and play in a large, fully dressed and detailed vintage Big Top Tent! WARNING: Room contains hay, if allergies are a concern then masks are available upon request. A minor strobe light effect occurs for a few seconds.

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