The Christmas Treehouse Escape
The Christmas Treehouse Escape
The Christmas Treehouse Escape

The Christmas Treehouse Escape

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Temporarily Closed - In a quaint backyard nestled amidst a winter wonderland, there stands a magnificent treehouse adorned with shimmering lights and festive decorations. This treehouse, holds a magical secret that comes alive during the holiday season, legend has it that deep within the treehouse, Santa's elves work tirelessly loading gifts for children around the world. They bring joy and enchantment to the holiday season, spreading Christmas cheer with their tireless efforts. But this year, a shadow has fallen upon their joyful abode. Mischievous trolls, envious of the elves' magic and cheer, have devised a wicked plan to RUIN Christmas. Under the cover of night, they sneak into the treehouse, capturing the elves and chaining them up, determined to extinguish the holiday spirit once and for all. You and your team must outsmart the trolls, release the elves from their chains, and restore the magic of Christmas. Will you be the heroes who save Christmas, defeating the trolls and freeing the captive elves? The fate of the holiday season rests in your hands, as the magic of the Christmas Treehouse rescue awaits your arrival.

  • 3-8
  • 70 mins



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