Chapter 2: The Elevator ShaftChapter 2: The Elevator ShaftChapter 2: The Elevator ShaftChapter 2: The Elevator Shaft

Chapter 2: The Elevator Shaft

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The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

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You've earned a second chance at freedom, but it's slim. About 3 months ago, Edward hired a man named John Peterson to help him make some "engineering changes" to an elevator shaft on his property. John quickly figured out that these changes he was being asked to make were indeed sinister in nature. When he confronted Edward, he was told that he could not leave until the project was finished or else his wife and daughter would pay the price. The project is complete and John is long dead. You've found yourself locked inside the elevator shaft. Will you and your friends be able to follow the steps John put in place for you? Or will you perish under the weight of a 6 ton steel elevator? This is the most technically advanced room The Basement has to offer. The Elevator Shaft delivers a level of realism and intensity that is unmatched in the world of Escape Rooms today.

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  • 45 mins
  • Hard



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