Suburban Serial KillerSuburban Serial KillerSuburban Serial Killer
Suburban Serial Killer
Suburban Serial Killer
Suburban Serial Killer

Suburban Serial Killer

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One community, one family. Melville, the small town feel, with the innovation of all the major metropolitan areas. Over 2500 gorgeously designed homes, a private lake, and literally no crime. Melville is just right… except for the 37 missing persons cases over the last 5 years.. FBI agent Grabowski was heading up the investigation, but he went missing 48 hours ago. The first 48 are the most important moments of any case. You and your team have been hired to pick up where he left off. The last we knew, he was investigating Mr. Howard Green, a pillar of Melville’s community. Time is of the essence, break into Mr Green’s house to see what you can find, remember Mr.Green is never late.

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