Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongfully Convicted

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The Escape Revolution

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You have 60 minutes to escape from prison, or it’s your life. No pressure. You and your group of friends have been sentenced to life without possibility of parole. You are rotting in a maximum security prison. The catch? You didn't do it. While waiting for someone to help you, you plead for your life in court, but your appeals have been denied again and again. Your entire group was set up, and the only proof that will set you free, is outside of the walls of the prison. Since the criminal justice system is broken, the only thing you can do now is rely on those inside to help you escape. It seems everyone in the prison - the cook, the janitor, all of the trustees - all believe you, and will work together to make sure you don't rot in prison for the crime you didn't commit. But will their help be enough?

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With every single booking, we donate a portion of the proceeds to innocenceproject.org. Join a movement of 800,000+ supporters on a mission toward criminal justice reform. Your contribution helps us exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals.

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