Tesla's Mystery
Tesla's Mystery

Tesla's Mystery

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You’re back in New York, 1938. The brilliant but eccentric scientist Nikola Tesla has finished his greatest invention yet. However, something has gone terribly wrong. Can you stop his experiment before it causes a global catastrophe? Nikola Tesla spent his life stretching the limits of man’s knowledge of electricity and magnetism. After countless hours of research and experimenting, he’s finally succeeded in creating his greatest invention: a powerful generator that can wirelessly transmit massive amounts of energy to absolutely any point on the planet. This achievement is as dangerous as it amazing, for at any moment the slightest malfunction could lead to disastrous consequences on a global scale. Unfortunately, such a catastrophe may be happening at this very moment. Enormous, uncontrolled emissions of energy have been detected nearby and it is apparent that something has gone terribly wrong.

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins
  • Medium


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