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Masterpiece Escapes

  • Escape room
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Your friend Connor, an aspiring novelist has been working on a book about serial killers. He thinks he has scored his big break when he finds a lead on the Zodiac Killer. Obtaining information on a serial killer that was never caught was an oppotunity too great to pass up. So he headed off to the small midwestern town to speak with this informant, Zed Holman, the owner of a junkyard. This was six months ago and you have not heard from Connor since. The police are not able to file a missing person's report, so you decide to go see for yourself. When you finally arrive in town, night is falling and a storm is on the horizon. You approach the junkard looking for answers as to the fate of your friend......

  • 3-8
  • 65 mins
  • Hard



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