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Dead'n Breakfast
Dead'n Breakfast

Dead'n Breakfast

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The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

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A brand new waking nightmare presented by The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience, Dead & Breakfast is a private escape adventure designed to test you in ways you never thought possible! You and your friends have been kidnapped by Edward Tandy -- a cannibalistic serial killer with a hunger for taxidermy, strange mechanisms, and of course human flesh. He has created a twisted game in his deceased mother's home, designed to weed out those who are unworthy of escaping with their lives. Beginning at 10am, Mondays-Thursdays only, guests are invited into the Tandy household for a day they’ll never forget. Featuring ALL FOUR of our escape room experiences: play them back-to-back in a private, VIP setting. Ever felt like you needed MORE TIME during your game? During Dead & Breakfast, you and your team will play until you complete each experience!

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