Distrito 111 [District 111]
Distrito 111 [District 111]
Distrito 111 [District 111]

Distrito 111 [District 111]

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Unreal Room Escape Sant Martí – Barcelona

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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After that cataclysm, humanity was not what it was again. The population fell into a collective paranoia and wars began for control of supplies and energy supplies. The earth has become chaos and there is no safe place. Staying alive one more day has become the main objective of people. After the great disaster, the federation gained power over part of the city, managing to take advantage of the situation to have power in exchange for the safety of the population. However, the fireflies, a rebel group, have managed to control some districts of the city, thus creating their own rules and plunging them into an anarchic system that only seeks destruction. Will you be able to survive in one of its districts and complete the mission assigned to you?

  • 2-7
  • 90 mins
  • Medium



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