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Crane Manor

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For decades, Ichabod Crane, a schoolhouse teacher from Sleepy Hollow, was beileved to have been a victim of the Headless Horseman. However, the Paranormal Response Task Force now thinks that Ichabod Crane survived his encounter with the Horseman. Worse, he found a way of controlling the Horseman, by the dark arts. And this knowledge has been passed on through his descendants. Now, they seem to have found the Horseman’s head, used it to summon him, and are controlling him to wreak havoc on the residents of Sleepy Hollow. Can you enter Crane Manor, and find the head, so the Horseman can be put to rest for good? You have 75 minutes. It’s time to plan your journey to Crane Manor! Set a date, count how many members there will be in your team of explorers of the paranormal, and finalize your booking. If it’s an occasion to celebrate, you can plan a special event with us!

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